Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages

Experience The New Revolution in Subliminal Messages
With "Pleasurable Profits" - This Year's Breakthrough in Mind Empowering Success!

32,956 professionally produced subliminal messages streaming at your unconscious - the world's first combined presentation utilizing the very best of hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, NLP and subliminal messages


Just 5 seconds into the first video, YOU will suddenly feel remarkable changes taking place deep within you. The very recesses of your being begins to pulse with an energy you never had before. Fabulous ideas come to you out of nowhere. Good things start to happen, often without explanation. Suddenly you get exactly what you want, even a fabulous $150,000 per month income, all while relaxing like you never have before.

This isn't get-rich-quick. This isn't a miracle. This IS the awesome power of Subliminal Messaging backed by scientific know-how and our more than two decades as leaders in the industry. Just ask our thousands and thousands of delighted customers worldwide. Our Subliminal Message Videos produce RESULTS -- FAST!

There have been some SERIOUS systems that we have released before and they are all good! THIS ONE IS GREAT! We call it Subliminal Video 2.0 and it's only available right here.

''Personally, every time I watch it I get chills running through my body and this unbelievably powerful confident feeling right in my belly that pulses... and pulses... and pulses... it feels like a 'smile on the inside'.''

Another notable thing about the Pleasurable Profits series is the videos are different. There are layers and layers of subliminal messages and subliminal images going on here that really ''prime'' you into the right mental state of mind quickly. AGAIN, these videos are unlike anything you have seen before! You FEEL the POWER of it in THE FIRST FIVE SECONDS -- GUARANTEED! During these videos there are 32,956 subliminal messages blasting you from every direction -- both audio and video! Watch one twice, 65,912 in 20 minutes! VERY POWERFUL!

What would YOUR LIFE be like Having These *Beliefs* Guiding You?

I Earn $150,000 Per Month!
I Attract Large Amounts of Money!
I Feel Excited, Loved & Happy!
I Am Attractive, Powerful & Profitable!
I Love Myself, My Friends & My Life!
I Am Blessed & Grateful For Everything!
I Am Healthy, Relaxed & Peaceful!
I Am In Love, Adventurous & Productive!
I Live The Life of My Dreams!

When YOU know and BELIEVE these powerful things about yourself, your beliefs become TRUTHS! You suddenly ARE the incredibly successful person you envision.

The First Video of Pleasurable Profits is entitled, First-class Fortune!

You ingrain the RESULTS and ATTITUDE of a WINNER and incorporate these qualities into your presence making YOU A WINNER!!

You FEEL a new sense of ''power with a smile'' knowing that your success is now only a matter of days and months vs. years and decades.

You FEEL excited and *in awe* as your problems get washed away with solutions that you didn't create.


''I have used it (First-Class Fortune) for 30 days. I have felt a HUGE shift in my personal AND professional life. In my personal life, I am a happier person overall. Professionally, I have beat the company sales record last month. I still can't believe that happened. I am so grateful. Highly Recommended''
- James, Daytona Beach, FL USA**


The choice is YOURS ... What Are YOU Going To Do?

Pleasurable Profits II (PP2), Manifest Massive Money Subliminal Video

You get a HUGE RUSH of spiritual energy that excites you and brings a waterfall of money making ideas and opportunities.

You feel a tickle in your heart of abundance and prosperity that grows as time passes and becomes a part of you.

You experience wonderful sensations of freedom, love, spirituality and incredibly powerful inspiration.


''I have watched the 'PP2' video every morning and every night for 3 weeks... about 30 minutes per day total. Right now I am VERY excited by the results and wanted to comment. I have seen an obvious improvement in my income. Just as I had hoped for! WOW! Thanks Nelson Berry!''
Janet, Portland, Oregon USA ***


Pleasurable Profits III, The Cash Captivating Charisma High-Powered Subliminal Video

This is one of the MOST EXCITING videos we've ever released because of the magic-like transformations we've seen. It COMPLETELY UPLIFTS YOU from stressed, uptight, overweight, hard-core... into a light-weight, freedom bound, high volume communicator... ''*Minister of FUN, Happiness & Wealth.''

After watching Pleasurable Profits III, The Cash Captivating Charisma High-Powered Subliminal Video, you do it like this:

You embrace the chance to make people FEEL better and see if you can help make THEIR life better.

You have a solid confidence in your ability to gain trust AND quickly determine what a person wants & needs to make their life better.


''I used this video for 30 days and, seriously, my whole life changed. I got a HUGE ''lucky break'' almost immediately. The BEST part of it was that I FELT GREAT THE WHOLE MONTH! Thank You So Much!
- Tom, Norfolk, VA USA


The choice is YOURS ... What Are YOU Going To Do?

Pleasurable Profits IV -- Brilliant Mastermind Advantage!

You feel good due to the MAJOR shortcut to YOUR success. You are advancing rapidly, enjoying every moment and grateful every step of the way. Life, and succeeding in life, is much easier than we ''think.'' Actually, it is as easy AS we think.

The difference between those that fail and you is that YOU HARNESS THE 100% POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TO DO 90% OF THE HARD WORK. You do 10% of the hard work and get paid 100% of the returns. It is very easy and very pleasant.

WARNING -- They Don't Teach This In College!



Pleasurable Profits V -- The Millionaire in 1 Year Subliminal Video!

You Are A Millionaire, Make $150,000 Per Month, Help Tons of People and are ''Always On!'' Manifesting 1 Million Dollars in 1 Year is about Subconscious Intensity, Strength & Pure Conditioning. Technique and Strategy are important, but they come in at a distant second to Subconscious Intensity, Strength & Pure Conditioning. Once your subconscious is trained correctly, with the correct subliminal commands, your dreams come true and it happens automatically... almost effortlessly!

Imagine what YOUR life would be like with the following beliefs planted DEEPLY into YOUR Subconscious Mind:

I Earn $150,000 Per Month!

I Am A Millionaire!

I Keep The Pressure On At All Times!


''I started using this video last summer as a beta tester. The ONLY thing I did was commit to watch this Subliminal Video every day. I didn't understand it. I just did it! I'm so glad I did!! I watch for 7 minutes minimum. I did achieve my goals! If you are reading this, I suggest you try it... Just Do It! I felt it instantly and began to see intuitive (obvious) results within days.''
- John, Los Angeles, CA USA


The choice is YOURS ... What Are YOU Going To Do?

Pleasurable Profits VI, The Excel YOUR Finishing Skills Subliminal Video

OOZE a ''Radiating Confidence'' Seldom Emitted, Seen or Felt! YOU are Powerful, Determined, Disciplined, Attractive, Rich & Sexy! Because of YOUR STRONG Finishing Skills, YOU are able to ENJOY a life that most people only dream about... or read in a magazine... or see on TV.

YOU are more POWERFUL than YOU ever thought possible!

The pain YOU experience when contemplating the things YOU ''fear'' -- DISSOLVE!!

YOUR WHOLE LIFE is now about experiencing ONLY pleasure!


''This Subliminal Video Technology is worth 1000 times what you pay for it!! Be WISE and try it and see if it does the same for YOU. I bet it will... if it works for me, it WILL work for YOU''
- Maxine, Huntington Beach, CA USA


Pleasurable Profits VII, How To *Experience Mind-Blowing Money* Subliminal Video

Imagine YOU earn $150,000 Per Month, Life is in YOUR Favor, You're in GREAT Physical Shape, Gorgeous & Tough! Your Friends Want To Know YOUR Secret! A New YOU is Emerging To The Surface...Powerful &Profitable!!!

Imagine After You Watch Pleasurable Profits VII, Experience Mind-Blowing Money Subliminal Video System:

You Attract Mind Blowing Money.. $150,000 Per Month.. Minimum!

You Collect & Accumulate Assets: New Cars, Houses...Become Debt-Free!

You Increase YOUR Value with EACH Second... FASTER Than Ever Before!

YOU Have The Resources to Fulfill Your Desires -- NOW -- Luxury!

You Automatically Make Perfect *Guided* Decisions That Make You RICH!!


I used the system for 30 days. It's hard to describe the *Profit-Seeking-Guidance* that has been magically instilled in me. "Profitable Coincidences* keep happening to me. In short, I am so grateful to have this subliminal video.
- Dan, Denver, CO USA


If you're like me, you're already so excited you can't stand it. The phenomenal promise of this 7 Video Series is so strong that you simply can't wait another minute to get started. And you won't have to wait!

DOWNLOAD Pleasurable Profits I through VII NOW and start using immediately! It's easy, it's instant, and you'll start feeling changes in your life within the first 10 seconds.

Keep in mind we back all our Videos with an ironclad 60 day GUARANTEE! See changes in your life and be thrilled with them, or I will personally refund your money. Now that's a bargain you won't find elsewhere. In short, we GUARANTEE you can't lose. And that's why we've had so many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide over the past 20 years who rely on us to help their biggest dreams come true.

But before you start the download, please join me in taking one more look at all 7 Subliminal Message masterpieces. Your download will include easy instructions so you will be able to view the first video IMMEDIATELY!

Starting with the professionally produced dream-like tropical beach scenes and sounds of ocean waves, Pleasurable Profits I -- First-Class Fortune produces changes within the first 5 seconds!

You become master of your destiny and achieve the success you desire and deserve.
You eliminate your financial problems and have all the money you desire.
You create ''dreams on demand'' and create your future.
You discover the secret to having endless energy and enthusiasm for each new day.
You break free from limiting beliefs and obstacles that hold you back from having what you want in life.
You learn why God wants you to be rich and learn how to claim all the abundance and blessings that are yours for the asking.
You have, do and be absolutely everything you want in life.
You feel like a brand new person, living each day with joy, excitement and anticipation of all the good things headed your way.

The choice is YOURS ... What Are YOU Going To Do?

Next, as time allows, you view the 2nd video in the series: Pleasurable Profits II (PP2), Manifest Massive Money Subliminal Video

You come Face-to-Face with the Jaw-Dropping FACT that YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT... MAKE IT BIG!!
You have an Incredible Urge to Take Action and Make Your Dreams Come True Right Now -- Today! What would your life be life with these CORE beliefs?
Manifesting Massive Money Excites Me!
I am Incredibly Excited, Happy & Rich! -I Love To Explore, Travel & Have Fun! I Enjoy Exotic Vacations Worldwide!
I Live In My Dream Home!
I Drive The Car of My Dreams!
I Have a Surreal Lifestyle!
I Wake Up When I Want To!
I Sleep When I Want To!
I Travel When I Want To!
I Manifest Massive Amounts of Money!


In Pleasurable Profits III - The Cash Captivating Charisma High-Powered Subliminal Video:

You naturally and automatically eliminate social anxiety because of your focus on helping others.
You possess an ''Attractive Internal Excitement'' that exudes and attracts fun, friends and BIGTIME financial opportunities.
When you KNOW what you want, you do not hesitate! You ALWAYS take action immediately! Imagine these beliefs guiding your subconscious mind:
I Feel Fresh, Loved & Pure!
I Feel Energetic & Hopeful!
My Energy Attracts People!
My Energy Attracts Money!
I Feel Faith & Kindness!
I Am Curious & Encouraging!
I Am Powerful & Profitable!
I Am Clean, Loving & Happy!
I Am Content, Colorful & Excited!
I Emotionally Excite Others!
I Offer Simple Fun Solutions!
My Solutions Create Massive Money!
I Communicate Hope, Happiness & Humor!

Keep in mind, you don't have to watch all 7 videos in one sitting (although you certainly can if you want to, they're just that enjoyable!) You'll get the best, deepest, and fastest results if you watch these Subliminal Videos as your time allows. Watch in the morning for a few minutes before work. Watch during lunch. Watch in the evening when you're relaxing. And spend some time with the videos on the weekend. Remember, just a few minutes or even seconds produces PROVEN results!

Pleasurable Profits IV - Brilliant Mastermind Advantage!

Brilliant Mastermind Advantage shows you how to turn ideas into millions!

I Have A Brilliant Vision For The Future!
I Love Creating BIG Solutions!
I Am A Master of Invention!
I Have Access To Everything I Need To Win!
I Believe In Myself & My Solutions!
I Make Brilliant Business Decisions!
I Have a Photographic Memory!
I Love My Friends & My Life!
I Am Lucky, Powerful AND Loving! I Am Productive & Profitable!
I Feel Gratitude For My Gifts! I Make $150,000 Per Month!

Pleasurable Profits V -- The Millionaire in 1 Year Subliminal Video

This is perhaps to most popular of all we offer. Who doesn't want to be a millionaire this year? This incredible Subliminal Video lets you overcome ALL obstacles that stand in the way of you earning HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH!

I Have An Imagination That is Unreal!
I Believe In Myself, Then Acquire The Ability!
I Continue To Create The Most Dominant Performance in My Financial History!
I Eliminate The Chance of Losing Due To My Belief In Myself!
I Can Do It Because of The Level of Effort & Intensity I Put into EVERY Single Day!
I Am Extreme and Continuously Build To A Much Higher Level of Greatness!
I Have Already Succeeded and Won Before I Even Get Out of Bed!
People Around Me Start To See Where My Standard Is And Rise To Meet It!
As I Improve, Everyone Around Me Improves!
I Always Do ''Extra'' Everyday and Do Whatever It Takes Right Now -- Today!

Pleasurable Profits VI, The Excel YOUR Finishing Skills Subliminal Video

This highly important Subliminal Message Video is about truly ENJOYING your success. So many successful people are bound up in stress and regret. Sadly, they are unable to really ENJOY their wealth and position. NOT YOU!

YOUR WHOLE LIFE is now about experiencing ONLY pleasure!
YOU actually look for things that YOU are afraid of and DO THEM to test Yourself... and end up laughing because of all the time YOU actually believed it was real.
YOU have a whole new life ahead of YOU that YOU embrace, love, enjoy and excel at.
YOU have just experienced a ''glimpse'' of the NEW life that is waiting for YOU!
When YOU see something YOU want, YOU GO AFTER IT 110% -- QUICKLY!!

Finally, you round out your comprehensive journey to happiness, true life, and mind-blowing success with Subliminal Video VII.

After You Watch Pleasurable Profits VII, Experience Mind-Blowing Money, here's what is planted DEEPLY into the beliefs of YOUR subconscious mind:

I Earn $150,000 Per Month!
I Am In GREAT Physical Shape!
I Am Gorgeous AND Tough!
I Am Pleasant & Powerful!
I Can Do ANYTHING I Want To!
I Am Flexible in Relationships!
I Enjoy Many Types of Relationships!
I Learn From The Best!
I Achieve Outstanding Results!
I Feel Sexy and Love Myself!
I Possess A Confident Image!
I Trust Myself & My Instincts!
I Am Adventurous & Intelligent!
I LOVE To Try New Things!
I Make Good Decisions Quickly!
I Take Action TODAY on My Dreams!

WHY OUR SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES WORK! This is without question the most powerful Subliminal Message series ever created. It uses the very latest breakthroughs in scientific research. As brain science has expanded, we have been able to harness an even greater ability to influence the human mind for lightening fast change.

The choice is YOURS ... What Are YOU Going To Do?

These videos let you visualize success on YOUR TERMS. Then you simply can't help but achieve accomplishments you never thought possible. I GUARANTEE IT!

DOWNLOAD NOW and start your Journey to Happiness, Fulfillment, and Fantastic WEALTH in the first 5 seconds!





























We all get very few chances in life to "make it" and make it big.  This is one of those chances.  It you do not know the process of manifesting, you will not be able to do the things you REALLY want to do in your lifetime. This is something you can learn.  It is not magic and there are no secrets.  There is is step by step guide for you to follow.  If you follow it for 30 days straight, you will be a believer.

The choice is YOURS ... What Are YOU Going To Do?

With Respect,

Nelson Berry
Subliminal Video Messages

PS. Everything we do is guaranteed for 60 days -- risk free for 60 days.

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